Geoduck Openings

Sampling and Analysis Protocol of Geoduck Clams for Shipment to the People’s Republic of China

The US will implement the following sampling and testing to confirm the designation of harvest locations.

 Sample Collection Sites per Harvest Location

Composite samples of three geoducks will be obtained from three locations in each designated harvest location for a total of nine geoduck clams.

Collection sites within a harvest location will be determined based on relevant factors including, but not limited to, harvest activity and access to the site.  Collection sites and samples will be identified by Global Positioning Satellite coordinates and depth.  


The US will analyze samples only for inorganic arsenic. Analysis will be conducted using the FDA-based for Specification and Measurement of Inorganic Arsenic in Shellfish Tissues by HPLC-ICP-DRC-MS.  method.


Number of Geoducks per Collection Site

A sample will consist of 3 whole geoducks, including skin, gut ball, and meat. The 3 whole geoducks will be composited for testing.

Opening/Closing Criteria

If all three whole composite inorganic sample test results are below 0.5 ppm, the area will be cleared for export to China.  A geoduck harvest area/tract will fail the arsenic test if one or more samples of the three composite samples collected from a specific harvest area/tract are >0.5 ppm for inorganic arsenic. If a geoduck harvest area fails the arsenic test criteria, another set of 3 composite clams from 3 sites within the harvest area may be submitted for testing.  If the second test passes the opening criteria then the area will be cleared for export to China.


Maintenance Testing of Sites

Sites designated as acceptable for certification to China will be re-evaluated every year.


Washington State -  Areas Cleared for Inorganic Arsenic Certification Certification to China

Wild Geoduck

Growing Area Tract Name Updated 8.31.17
Tract #
East Straits Dungeness West 00320
Hartsten East North Dougall 15490
Hood Canal 1 Coon Bay 19900
Hood Canal 2 Hazel Point 21000
Kingston Presidents Point 06400
Port Madison Suquamish 06500
Port Orchard Passage Manzanita 07000
Wykoff Shoal Still Harbor 12750

Farmed Geoduck

Growing Area
Dana Passage
Discovery Bay
Eld Inlet
Hammersley Inlet
Harstine East
Hood Canal1
Henderson Inlet
Nisqually Reach
North Bay
Samish Bay
Sequim Bay
Peale Passage
Stretch Island
Totten Inlet
West Key Peninsula
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Alaska State -  Areas Cleared for Inorganic Arsenic Certification Certification to China

Wild Geoduck

Harvest Area Updated 12.7.17
Bucarelli Bay
Davidson Inlet
Kaigani Strait
Kelp Island
Little Steamboat
Metlakatla Island, Area 1
Metlakatla Island, Area 2
Metlakatla Island, Area 4
North Cone
North Kirk Point
Percy Island
Portillo Channel
South Gravina
Steamboat Bay
Tlevak Strait
Vallenar Bay

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