NOAA Open House

On February 11, 2017, NOAA hosted its annual Open House in Silver Spring, Maryland. Approximately 1,300 people from the local and NOAA communities attended the event, at which they got to see exhibits showcasing the many different activities of NOAA. One of these activities, “Your Nose Knows”, was sponsored by the Office of International Affairs and Seafood Inspection (IASI).

At “Your Nose Knows”, guests were invited to see if they could identify various odors which had been housed in plastic squeeze bottles. Guests were instructed to squeeze the bottle a few inches from their nose and smell the scented air that was emitted. Some of the odors were very familiar and recognized by most (pineapple, fishy) while others were more difficult to recognize and/or name (corn, yeast). Many guests were unfamiliar with the Seafood Inspection Program in general, so it was also an educational opportunity for them, as they learned about how inspectors use their senses in their daily duties, and how the seafood they consume is evaluated for quality.

Melissa Beaudry, Steve Wilson, Jenny Stephenson, Steve Ross, Janet Whaley, Lauren Fields, and Carolyn Doherty made this outreach effort a successful and fun event for employees and the community.