Purchasing Seafood

Step up to the seafood counter or frozen fish case, and you'll see an enticing display of one type of seafood after another. How do you choose?

A good first step is to wait until you are at the store before deciding which type to buy. Go ahead and plan your menu for seafood, but wait until you are a the the store before deciding the exact type of fish. Here you will be able to select the freshest items in the case, and take advantage of what's on sale whether fresh or frozen.

It's easy to tell when seafood is fresh. Just follow these general guidelines.

Much frozen fish today compares in quality to fish directly out of the water.
Fresh catches are immediately processed and frozen at very low temperatures, frequently right on board the vessel.

When buying frozen fish keep in mind the following guidelines.

How much to Buy?


Seafood offers a variety of choices and is a great way to a light and healthy diet. It's low in fat and calories and easy to digest. Accompany seafood with a variety of vegetables and sauces. Seasonings, light sauces, stuffings, and fresh vegetables can complement any seafood dish.