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Export Certification

The NOAA Seafood Inspection Program offers export certification to facilitate trade of seafood products that meet the unique requirements of each importing country, and any other specific buyer criteria.

NOAA works to ensure trade of products on behalf of its clients. NOAA issues health certificates to U.S. exporters and negotiates on behalf of U.S. firms as countries develop new or modify existing health certificates. It communicates with foreign officials during the review and acceptance by the competent authority of the importing country.

If questions arise from the entry ports about a certificate issued by the NOAA Seafood Inspection Program, NOAA will attest to the legitimacy of the certificate. NOAA may act as a go-between for communication between the exporting industry and importing authority. NOAA quickly addresses issues that arise when a product is detained from entry. Detentions related to export certificates may arise from simple language misinterpretations, varying interpretations at specific ports of entry or at the local level in the importing country, or for more complex problems that must be resolved.

Requests for export certificates should be directed to the NOAA Seafood Inspection Program Headquarters Office. Procedures for requesting certificates are available here.

Country specific instructions and requirements are available below.

Instruction for completing Fishery Products Health Certificates (2/09)

Completion of French Polynesian Export Certificates (4/2/08)

Instructions for completing the EU Certificate for Molluscan Shellfish (2/09)

How to Export Seafood to the EU
Certificate Changeover Q&A
Procedures for EU Certificate Completion
Request EU Certificate


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Our Vision:

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Our Mission:

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